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Lessons are designed to teach you how to read your horse better and to show you how to position yourself both from the ground and in the saddle to establish clear communication.


The back-and-forth dialogue comes when you learn how to recognize what your horse is saying to you through their expressions, posture, and body language. This is how we listen to our horses. 


Learn how to make your idea, their idea so that they willingly want to do what you ask of them which creates safety and enjoyment.


The first thing we do for a better horsemanship lesson is to start the process of balancing Trust and Respect so they can be elevated together. This is the beginning of a meaningful mutual understanding between you and your horse. 


Ready to begin? We offer private lessons, a package of 5 ( savings bundle), and group lessons to suit your needs.  


No time to travel? Dennis offers off-site lessons and trailer-loading sessions. 


Interested in a better horsemanship clinic? Customize your Clinic from the following options:

Reading of a horse, behavior issues, groundwork, obstacles, body control, dressage, ranch style, flag work, dummy roping and starting young horses, and trailer loading.

 - Several options to make your equine clinic a crowd-pleaser!



Includes lesson recap.

Price options:

Lesson Options                       Amount

- 5 lessons package                     $540    

- Private 1 1/2 hour lesson           $135    

- Group Lessons - Start From      $100

Message From a Student:

A thirteen year old mare was brought into Riverside on consignment with the hopes of selling her to a current student and continuing then to board at the stables. Well, I think there was some matchmaking going on there, and as you know, the mare named Sugar was swiftly sent to you, the two accompanying lessons with you were gifted to me, and I was launched into a new world of horsemanship through the guidance and modeling of Dennis Cappel. Two lessons in November of ‘22, a pre-purchase exam performed by the full time stand-up comic and part-time veterinarian Doc Steel, and on December 2nd, I bought the most outlandish and ridiculous, the most irresponsible and heart BPM inducing purchase possible. Dogs, cats, houses, international travel, advanced degrees, homes; but the purchase of Sugar Mama was unlike anything else. As you know, I kept her with you for another two months of continued training. And I received four more lessons at D/C as well. My six lessons with you, Dennis, were vital, necessary, life changing. It is not an overstatement. Building this relationship with Sugar is and has been an upper level experience. My job, to be the best that I can be for this horse, knowing that what is on the inside of me will show up on the outside of Sugar, is an experience that is alway amazing, and a responsibility that can be at times unbearable, good Lord, what have I gotten myself into? The best trouble possible!

Much more could be written about these past months post-D/C training, as I am nothing if not verbose, happy to fill an empty page, and listen to my own words written, previously held in my head, this being a long note to simply send and share with you my sincere gratitude. I am at the ranch almost daily, working on the ground and in the saddle, referencing notes, referencing the continuous riches of D/C YouTube videos, and celebrating with Sugar our advancements and successes, and not being too hard on myself when I approach my mare with less than a clear mental picture, and find that I have assed things up a bit. And we move on. I am better. My life is better. I had no idea how much I was going to get out of this experience. Boat, truck, and horse trailer loads.

Again, thanks for being part of the matrix of this. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Mark Barlow


“Working with Dennis is absolutely amazing, he gives you the tools to truly understand your relationship with a horse and how to work with the horse to understand one another. I have learned more from Dennis in a short amount of time than I have in years' worth of lessons. He gives you an unique opportunity to really be taught and practice horsemanship”.  -  Dani


Cappel Package of 5 lessons is a favorite!

Statement from Dani on her second lesson:

Working today i was able to really connect on a deep level with Loper, doing groundwork working with him to feel like it was only us two in the world, translating that to horseback was great, we felt like a team and Dennis was wonderful in helping me understand the subtle language of the horse.

I am learning to read the horse so we have a better partnership and will make everything more enjoyable from being around them, to working with them, to riding! Looking forward to more progress! 🐎 Laura S.

I am so grateful for Mr. Cappel! I recently brought my pony, Cupcake, to him and he transformed her into a completely different horse. She came to the lesson stiff and dull to my aids and left responsive and willing. He even taught me how to ride her better as well as how to train her. Every time I have a lesson with Mr. Cappel, I leave with a deeper understanding of my horse and how we can improve our training. I am so thankful for Mr. Cappel and I can’t wait for another lesson with him.  Lily S.


My training session with Mr. Cappel was extremely helpful! I had been struggling in training my Arabian because I did not understand her. After our training session with him, I know some things that can help her move past her emotional issues and make me a better rider. But I know I can still learn so much from Mr. Cappel and I hope we can go to see him again soon.  Gigi S.

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