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Equipscope Sessions

Absolutely everything is energy! We are energy in motion always on the move.

When it slows down or gets blocked we feel it and our health and performance show it.


Game Changer

The Equiscope uses intelligent, focused microcurrent to autocorrect abnormal electrical patterns in nerve and connective tissue. This therapy creates an optimal healing environment–increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, and relieving your pain.

What can the Equiscope do for you and your horse? Create a feeling of well-being, balance, flexibility, clarity, relief from pain, and undeniably amazing recovery from injuries.  Puts you back in the driver's seat.

How does it work? Think of your internal structure as thousands of miles of highway that is carrying blood, oxygen,  nutrients, etc to and through all your systems as the circulatory, lymphatic, and meridians, all by the movement of energy flow.

Now Image if one lane got shut down or orange cones were placed here and there. What would happen to the flow? It would slow down, clog up, back up, and shut down due to not having the lanes freely open.

What would you feel? Slowed energy, fogginess, fatigue, inflammation, pain, and imbalance throughout your body.

Solution! Equiscope is a state of the ark 2-way energy corrector machine that will detect the location and send assistance to get you back up and running smoothly.

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Dennis, Cindy, and Christina attended the Thorp Institute certification training for humans and equines in May 2023 in CA.

To learn more, check out John Thorp's Youtube videos for amazing stories of humans and horses! 
Intelligent Bioenergetics:

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