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Equipscope Sessions

Equiscope technology supports the body's natural electrical conductivity, promoting balance, and wellness, enhancing vitality. 

dennis cappel treating a horse with an equiscope

Game Changer

Equiscope technology supports the body's natural electrical conductivity. 

It delivers precise microcurrents to promote balance and harmony within the body's electrical system. 

This system provides electro-therapeutic point stimulation and biofeedback sessions thereby supporting balance, wellness, and enhancing vitality.


           Cindy's Holistic Horse Care: 


Dennis's wife, Cindy, has cared for her family since 1985 using alternative remedies to maintain good health and recover from illness and injuries. Back in the 90's when Dennis specialized in colt starting their barn was full of 2year olds.

Young horses are like young children in that their immune system has not yet been challenged much so when they get to school in new environment it is easy for them to pass things around to one another.


She wondered what would happen if she used the same products on horses as she did her own family. She did and it worked, and she has never looked back.


Holistic in the nineties was foreign to most so she educated people in Dennis’ horse training clinics to familiarize people with the choices they had to care for their horses and themselves.


Cindy continues today using herbs, essential oils, energy clearing work, and emotional release to keep the continuous flow of training horses in their best performance health along with themselves.


With superior health as a priority, she has added a one-of-a-kind machine to assist. Cindy proudly announces the addition of the Electro-Equiscope machine from the Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine, Inc.


Dennis and Cindy both attended the Thorp Institute certification training in May 2023.

This electro-therapeutic point stimulation assists in improving performance, recovery, vitality, and longevity for your horses and you!

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