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Horse Training

 Bridging the Gap Between Horse & Rider 

Dennis Cappel Horsemanship

World Renowned master horseman Dennis Cappel has been training horses of all disciplines and riders of all levels for over 4 decades with remarkable positive results. His love for horses and desire for people to get along well with them has his sought-after training and teaching one you must experience for yourself. 
Not all trainers are teachers but you will find Dennis' authentic easy-going mannerisms will meet you and your horse where you are at and have you both feeling comfortable. 

Click the button below and check out our video library for more training with Dennis.


"I still haven’t decided but yesterday he wouldn’t even let me catch him so I was starting to lean towards trying to sell him but then I found a video on your YouTube on how to catch a horse that doesn’t want to be caught and tried that this morning. It worked! We were both sweaty and hot by the end because it is already warm out but I’m happy it worked. Thanks" L.A.


"Dennis, I cannot thank you enough! The YouTube piece of the yearling and the trailer were exactly what I needed while working with my 15-month-old filly, your teachings of the finding the "peace" in the steps forward, it was all-in my work these last few sessions." S.Y.


Dennis Cappel Horsemanship

"Took Bosco the chestnut out for a ride today and he did great. We just got the horse Dave is on and he did good too. Hes a 15yr old Fox trotter so a lot more laid back. We did some groundwork on both of them and felt really good about it. We rode for about 2 hours. Want to thank you for helping get us here!! "The Krull's



Dennis Cappel brings more than exceptional horse training to the arena. My horses and I had survived a tornado. We arrived filled with fear and confusion. I quickly learned Dennis has many gifts, the ability to read a horse, a true willingness to listen to the owner, asses his or her needs, creating a safe, relaxed, training environment. My confidence returned, my horses became calm and responsive. With a clear mental picture anything is possible- with your horse and in life. Thank you Dennis!! - Judith Hennessey  |

Message from the Master Trainer

First I want to tell you how much I appreciate you taking your valuable time to read this. I trust you will find the answers you are seeking, if not please reach out to me. 


My original quote is "What is on the inside of a man shows up on the outside of his horse." D/C 


Meaning you have a responsibility to your horse, your horse will never learn the English language so it is up to you to learn how the horse perceives and digest things so you can speak to them in a way they understand. Now you are having a meaningful conversation that each party is interested in. Now you can stay having fun! 


Every horse is looking for a confident leader who has developed a "Clear Mental Picture" of exactly what they want the horse to do. This is thought by thought, moment by moment,  step by step, how, when, and where with every step! 


How this works- 

I teach the horse - then I teach you. 

As your marvelous open willing mind tunes in as I instruct you how to read a horse's attitude, posture, emotions, muscle tone, and body expressions.

Advanced groundwork which are tasks that are carried over to the back but performed first on the ground. 

Ground driving, which is the closest thing to actually riding a horse without being on their back, here your timing and feel of turns, stops, and back and you are safe with your feet on the ground. 

Riding skills using rider awareness of your breathing, thoughts, posture, eyesight, energy, and rhythm through different tasks. 



Ready to dance the dance?

- Dennis Cappel 


Want to watch Dennis in action? Go to Youtube:

Dennis Cappel Training and Shoeing 

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Horse Training Program and Fees:

. 90 days $3,250 (Most Popular) 

. 60 days $2,250 

. 30 days $1,250 



Each week comes with a lesson that you will schedule with Cindy at 314-486-4064. Be sure and get on the books early!


Download the training forms below and either send them to or bring them with you. 


Making a deposit ensures you a spot in the time frame you desire. Check available through Cindy first. 


Feed - If you have a particular feed please bring 

Hay - we supply hay unless you have a specific type 

Bring one wormer of choice 

Coggins required 


Questions please reach out to

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