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Our Farrier Service


Looking for a skilled farrier that has your horse's comfort, support, and balance as priority?

Dennis Cappel Trainer/ Farrier for over 4 decades has proven to be the horse’s best friend through his continuous studying and understanding of the internal structure of the foot.

So how does he know what it needs? He uses a mapping system from ELPO to guide him providing the most comfort and support of each individual foot.

No foot - No Horse. The foot is what holds the horses and your weight. Isn’t the balance of the utmost importance? Your horse will love you for making sure of it.

All appointments are confirmed on Mondays for that week.

Farrier pricing:
Trim $55
Full set of shoes $150
Freedom shoes price at appointment

Trip charge based on distance

Save trip charge and travel to Cappel Training and Shoeing, Silex, MO
( training if the horse is not cooperative after a short time will have an additional charge)

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