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  • How long does training usually last?
    Training durations will depend on the individual horse’s needs. Training periods are typically scheduled in 90 day increments plus. This duration is best for the horse and owner; First, it allows the horse time to settle in and get understanding during the training process, Two, the owner receives 2 lessons a month bridging the gap between horse and rider to create that confident connection bond. Dennis believes a month of training here for a horse is equivalent to a year of school for a person.
  • How do I find my Clear Mental Picture?
    The Clear Mental Picture is not something you find, it is a tool to be used that is implemented by knowing exactly what you want. This includes your own and your horse’s posture, attitude, and appearance. It is not a still photograph, but an ever-changing tool that guides you to what you want. A person decides what their Clear Mental Picture is by observing and deciding what they want.
  • What is Feel?
    Feel is an invisible boundary that is put to use through compressed energy. The more responsive a horse is, the less compression is needed. Feel in tack relates to weight. Flimsy tack does not have much feel, but good rawhide, rope, and leather feels alive because of the quality of the material it is made of. A good description of feel with horses can be experienced by the feel of a busy room versus being alone.
  • Does Dennis train only Western disciplines?
    No! Dennis lays a foundation that is applicable to all disciplines and has trained everything from mustangs to mules, jumpers to ranch horses.
  • Do I need to bring my tack, brushes, etc. when I drop my horse off?
    Dennis uses his own equipment. Fly masks are welcome to bring, though.
  • Do I need to provide my own feed and hay when my horse is here?
    If your horse has a specific feeding plan you would like to continue, you can provide it when you drop your horse off. Otherwise, we feed our own grass hay and Purina Enrich pelleted feed to horses while they are here.
  • Can I bring treats to my horse while he/she is here?
    To a horse, treats are a bribe to open the door to disobedience. We do not feed treats in our barn.
  • What tack does Dennis recommend?
    Type or brand is not as important of a factor as feel in tack. Tack made of quality material promotes communication. Bits should be selected based on both the rider’s and horse’s experience level and training intentions.
  • Does Dennis work with mustangs?
    Yes! Dennis has a long and successful history with training mustangs. He meets the wild horse where they are mentally and uses same philosophy as with domestic horses, but adapts his approach to give them what they need. Click over to the Dennis’s Thoughts page to read a few of Dennis’s most recent mustang-themed publications!
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