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It was a great class. I truly think Dennis is a true horseman. I learned a lot about farrier work but also about horses in general. I really enjoyed the ride we were able to take. I would highly recommend this class or any of Dennis's classes. I know he is a fountain of knowledge.   - Wesley Trowbridge


Cappel Farrier training uses clear and simple road maps to ensure the greenest of horse trimmers has the confidence to shoe a horse for the optimal balance of performance and health. 

I know this as I attended the horseshoeing class and received personal one-on-one training that trailored the instruction to my goals. 

My intent in taking the class was to only understand the hoof better so I could personally tell between a good farrier job and just pretty work.  However, with the confidence and easy-to-follow procedure, Mr. Cappel lays out in the class, I routinely handle my own horse's needs now. One horse in particular has gone from a chronic crack in the front hoof wall to a solid well balanced hoof.  

Not only do I Thank Cappel Training and Shoeing, but my horses do as well!  You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the horse. 

 - Jonathon Bentley 

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