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Think Like a Master Horseman

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The concepts shared in this course will empower you to achieve a new level of communication and understanding with your horse. Your partnership will strengthen, and your interactions will be more enjoyable for both of you. What is shared here is not simply a mechanical process; we are presenting a philosophy which is the art of communication with your horse. · Learn the art of communicating effectively with your horse in a language he understands and can respond to. · Find the need to “do less” and “get more” from your horse as you increase your awareness and develop more “feel” that keeps you interesting to your horse. · Remove yourself and your horse from the drudgery of mundane repetitive action. Learn to use rhythm and keep your horse’s interest in what you are doing. · Notice that your horse will begin to stay with you more. · Elevate your groundwork from individual “tasks” that have little or no meaning to you or to your horse · Learn to weave meaningful actions together in a sequential order that feels instinctual and logical, and composes a sentence, and then a complete conversation, between handler and horse. · Your horse will recognize your mental focus and willingness to present information to him in a way that he can understand and respond to.



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