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Softening To Relax The Stiff And Bracing Horse

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These videos are suppling exercises to gain body part control. I do these almost every day with every horse regardless of their level of experience. When they know how to release their body parts to you ( poll, neck, shoulders, rib cage, hips) and let you easily move them individually, now you have whole-body control for lateral movement, turn arounds, canter departure, opening/closing gates any endeavor you choose to do. *What is softness *Softening technique *Riding Skills Lesson tips *Looking where you have been *Diagonal Suppling * Two Track * Up means Down * Benefits of turn on forehand * Turn on forehand * Walking a lead change These all will give you the ability to move the parts of the body instead of moving the whole body. You can help them to get into and maintain a posture that makes it easier for them to do any maneuvers you would want such as turns, stopping, lead changes etc. These are tools to use for attitude correction as well. Through these, you can help the horse to respect your legs and move off of them willingly without resistance. It also is a tool to engage the hindquarters to lift the forequarters. Enjoy riding with a horse between your legs and bridle reins! D/C


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