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Clear Mental Picture - Key To Great Horsemanship

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Every great horseman uses a "Clear Mental Picture" whether they realize it or not. You have the same ability to develop the skills that will improve your horsemanship! In these 7 videos, I will unfold for you: * What is a Clear Mental Picture (CMP) * Why is the Clear Mental Picture important * Where is the CMP used * When and how to use the CMP * How is the CMP developed We all live life through the pictures we have created in our minds coming from the thoughts we think and the words we speak. As you engage in these videos you will now understand my quote -- The "Key" to equestrian perfection is using a "Clear Mental Picture"....Dennis Cappel To ensure your success, included with this course is my book, "The Secret Key to Better Horsemanship" and a coaching call with me after you have completed both the book and videos. Begin now to become a great horseman!



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