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Holding fast to a "Clear Mental Picture "  produces a look of brilliance... Dennis

dennis cappel

Cappel Training

Dennis is the Cowboy's Cowboy, authentic with his easygoing manner he positions himself with a though understanding of the horse. The tools that he uses are their natural instincts. This allows him to communicate with them in a language they instinctively understand. His decades of passion for the horse have developed a master skill rooted in his extensive background of handling cattle. Come join this unique experience!


What we do!

Dennis' reputation precedes him with decades of proven results. 

Horse Training in all disciplines - All issues! 

Shoeing is an art form of support  and  balance. Done correctly will improve performance and longevity in your horse.  Farrier Services at our facility or yours. 

Learn highly skilled  horsemanship from the master himself. 

You will be better for  it and your horse will be better for you!

Whether you're a self-study learner or short on free time, we have the perfect solution for you in the form of our comprehensive equine online courses.

2024 Upcoming Events:

Coming September 1st
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