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Horse-Man-Ship Mentality: Your horse is a mind reader

Horse-Man-Ship Mentality: Your horse is a mind reader

Is your horse pleased with what they read in you? Have you presented yourself in a consistent enough manner to your horse so that they choose to want to be there with you? What is the attitude behind the physical presence of your horse whenever they are in your presence?

Why is that important?

These are questions to ask yourself with the reason behind them being that you might come to the conclusion that the horse you are dealing with and your current level of understanding either make a compatible team or not! If not, do you need to search for a horse that will fit you better or could you just focus on changing what you need to change about yourself to be what you need to be for your horse?

I think that the latter choice would be a better one unless you are in physical harms way by interacting with the horse you have. If the risk of you getting hurt is high enough to cause you emotional distraught, in other words if you are fearful you would be better off changing horses. Because horse's are adapt at taking a person to their weakest point and dropping them there.

It seems to be an instinct that horse's have and they survive by it.

This is a spot where finding a mentor can be very helpful in your decision making process as to what's next.

Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel

Master Horseman

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