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Horse - Man- Ship Mentality : Fruits of your Labor

Horse - Man- Ship Fruits of your Labor

What is the product of holding fast to a Clear Mental Picture and implementing it with stable secure consistent boundaries?

A horse with a willing attitude. Horse with confidence. Consistent performance with excellent work ethic. Ease of communication between a horse and his human counterpart.

All of this does develop into a relationship by that you and your horse improve on a continuous basis.

This is the product of consistent secure boundaries with freedom between them from your aids and pressure of any kind to the horse. This is "why" horse's choose to stay between the boundaries to "feel" the freedom you allow them too.

Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel

Master Horseman

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Sarah Yake
Sarah Yake
Jul 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

By simply seeing a "youtube" clip of a fantastic trailering tutorial from Dennis, I have kept a clear mental picture in my mind of how I work with my horses. NEVER done learning!

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