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Horse-man-ship Mentality: Does your horse believe you?

Horse-man-ship Mentality Does your horse believe you?

The reason anyone is as good at what they do is that they have stayed the course. They never quit searching for what makes things tick. That is what allows me to ride all disciplines, all ages, any behavior and have positive results 100% of the time.

I stay steady with what I want and remain consistent with very Clear and Definite Boundary lines but always and most importantly is the Horse recognizing them ( the boundaries) and choosing to not test them.

If a horse is tied to a wall that is a boundary. A horse might try to go through the wall one time but he won't try it again because the boundary didn't move. Nor did the boundary invade his space.

So there is security in stable boundaries.

This is my Mentality when I am always riding!

Happy Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel

Master Horseman

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