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Horse-man-ship Mindset  - The Key

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Greetings my friend, 

Enjoy this blog to improve your horsemanship mindset to a better ride! 

The Clear Mental Picture is the key to Equestrian perfection!  Your thoughts are a spotlight on your results! If you like your results, keep thinking the thoughts you have been thinking. If your results are less than pleasant, take a  check on what thoughts you have been  thinking. If you don't remember, your words spoken will reveal where your thoughts are at.  

Better horsemanship requires on purpose meaningful thought! 

Ever noticed how some people with their horses just keep getting better and some seem to be stuck in a repeat pattern of what is going on. We all have been in some type of pattern until we make the decision we want different results. 

Then it requires us to be different. If you are in a pattern of buying another horse to make it better, unless you become different that horse too will eventually meet you where you are at. Even if you get new equipment you still need the correct mindset to have it work the best for you. 

So enjoy becoming a  responsibility horse owner that reaches outside of their comfort zone, willing to see their horsemanship mindset with a new perspective. 

As we ride on -----

Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel 

Master Horseman

Be sure and check out our full list of online classes from Dennis right at your fingertips. Or you can make a trip to the ranch and sign up for one of our events on site at

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Jun 29, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Truth absolute. Virtually everything with horses is about visualization and the frequency of our energy coupled with feel, timing and balance. Great job. I always look forward to your comments and videos. My horses thank you too!!!

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