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Horse-man-ship Mindset - Stuck in the Stirrup

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Horse-man-ship Mindset - Stuck in the Stirrup

I appreciate you pausing your busy life to read how your mindset affects your ride.

Your mindset is a composite of thinking 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. WHOA that is a lot and if you notice most of those are repeated thoughts of days gone by! Speaking of horse owners here, you might find them rehearsing their life long history of growing up with horses and all their riding experiences, each breath told with clear emotional ties you would think it was happening at that very moment, it is so heartfelt ( that is a Clear mental Picture that has not been let go of ) horses they had, what they did, where they have been, what accidents happen, you get the picture.

These are thoughts repeated long enough that they have become patterns embedded and it is what they believe to be true today. The greater the emotion that is attached to any experience the more true it feels and can ignite internally quickly. Even if it is not the same experience but if it is something that produces the same emotion such as fear, it will be triggered and the person will feel it and apply it to what is currently happening.

This is a process that can work for or against you depending on your thoughts. Since the results you're currently getting are based on your current way of thinking, then if you want results to be different, then your mindset ( thought patterns) need to be thinking and creating forward! Good news is you have full control and capability to change your thoughts and develop them into new ones leading you to new beliefs for a better life and horsemanship!

New thoughts, should lead to new information, should lead to new choices, should lead to new behaviors to create new experiences, and new emotions drive new thoughts. This statement is from one of Dr. Joe Dipensza interviews. Check out his you tubes!

Mindful Riding, Dennis Cappel Master Horseman

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This is so true. It's the reason i never let anyone else tell me their stories of falling more than once. I've also had to work really hard not to do the whole dwelling thing. I find if I can focus on a positive thing i want to achieve in any ride, it helps to mask or overcome any negative stories I've been telling myself. thanks for this post. It's a pivotal concept in life and riding.

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