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Horse-man-ship Mentality - Words of Wisdom

Horse-man-ship Mentality - Words of Wisdom

Greetings from the mind.

I wanted to share with you some wisdom from one of my mentors, William Todd, author of The Mentor in Me book. I received his mentoring as a birthday gift in 2017 and it took my horsemanship to another level. No, William is not a rider, but an excellent mindset coach.

He always ended each chapter with words of wisdom, and these are from Chapter Two, titled, Mass.

Words of Wisdom

· All progress begins with a brave decision.

· The most important decision you can make is to be in a good mood.

· Personal power is moved into action by decision.

· Create an Affirmation. I started with; “I have strong decision-making muscles.”

· The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.

· Find something to live for and die doing it.

You have got a whole series of decisions you could make today. Maybe you should stay right where you are, right at this moment, and write out all the things that you have to make decisions on and make them one after another.

dennis cappel

Reading these words, I know it will touch your heart and your horsemanship when you put them to use. It has been seven years since my mentoring with William and I am still inspired by his words.

The absolute best to you, your horse, and your horsemanship!

Do yourself a favor and get his book and gift one to a friend. You can find it on Amazon.

His website is: 

Mindful Riding,

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The mind is wonderful thing and positive results can happen if you get your thoughts in line. Good book, which I need to revisit.

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