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Horse- Man-Ship Mentality - The pleading horse

Horse- Man-Ship Mentality - The pleading horse

Greetings Friend,

Horses appreciate their riders developing understanding more than we can imagine I am sure. Think how frustrating it would be to you if you tried everyday to have a conversation with someone that speaks a different language than you.

It would make you want to give up. It would seem pointless to try to do anything, because the exact moment you entered into a conversation. There is going to have to be a tremendous amount of effort on each party to gain any kind of "understanding" if there is ever any kind achieved. I would want to avoid the situation completely and I think this is where most horses live.

They either have to numb us out completely in order to survive or do whatever they can do to avoid having a conversation with us. But oh what a "Relief" it is to them to have a person who comes into their presence that understands their language and takes their viewpoint into consideration in everything they do.

Mindful Riding

Dennis Cappel

Master Horseman

Events coming up:

Horse-man-ship ranch style clinic

October 13-15th, 2023

Barefoot Trim

November 18th, 2023

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Sep 11, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Do unto your horse as you would have them do unto us!!!

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