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Horse-Man-Ship Mentality - The Carousel Horse

Horse-Man-Ship Mentality - The Carousel Horse

Thoughts from Dennis:

What is the benefit of energy when working with a horse? It is a tool to communicate with at the right time so that what you're asking of the horse is effective.  Much like the gas pedal in your pickup, It all depends on how much leverage you use as to how slow or fast you're going. 

Too much too quickly can cause adverse responses or even reactions in your horse. Too little too slow can create lethargy or lack of desire in your horse. 

The way to stay interesting to a horse is not to stay at the same level of energy all the time. 

It is to get comfortable in the whole range from real low to real high and to be able to come from low to high and high in low without creating disturbance in the horse's mind. 

Ready to learn the best way to utilize energy?

Cappel's newest Confidence Amplifier online course will expand on the theory that we have laid out with ideas for you to implement to achieve the, Know that you Know, "Confidence." When knowledge and understanding click, it is a natural booster to positive results that will start showing up on a regular basis. 

We believe wholeheartedly that over the 3 decades of teaching people how to understand, communicate, enjoy, and be safe with their horses, we have narrowed the success to 4 elements that we will be teaching in the new Confidence Amplifier course in January 2024, with Energy Control as the last topic, it is guaranteed to having you thinking about exploring new fun with your horse!

As you choose to invest in yourself and your horse by signing up for this online course, our gift to you is $25 OFF when you apply the code GIFT25 at checkout.  This code is good till January 9th, 2024. Be a friend and share it with a friend so you all can experience the fun and love of horses together.🥰

Our promise to you - your horse will love you as their new best friend and be eager to be with you, Why? You understand them now!

It all starts tonight at 7pm central time with topic number one - Confidence Wins Within!

Sign up and make 2024 your greatest and most enjoyable year with your horse!

Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel - Master Horseman

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