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Horse-Man-Ship Mentality - The Bucking Horse

Horse-Man-Ship Mentality - The Bucking Horse

Greetings Friend,

People often ask me "What should I do when a horse bucks, or won't move, or when it has my leg pressed up against a wall or tree?"

The "What should I do" in those incidents can go on and on. The fact is once you get to that point of "What should I do" you are too late to do anything about it.

That type of question is like a pilot wanting to know "where the eject button or parachute cord is", instead of learning how to feel the plane and navigate through to keep it from crashing.

At which point the eject button is not necessary.

Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel

Master Horseman

Events coming up:

Horse-man-ship ranch style clinic

October 13-15th, 2023

Barefoot Trim

November 18th, 2023

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