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Horse-man-ship Mentality - Ole Timers Wisdom

Updated: Jun 29

Horse-man-ship Mentality - Ole Timers Wisdom

Thoughts from the saddle with Dennis;

Several Ole Time Horsemen talk about  Form to Function. I have heard that said for years and years and years and I believe there is a lot of wisdom in those words.  

Not a guarantee but it is an opportunity whereby the horse is in a posture that is "Form" to make whatever they do easier which is "Function." 

A Lot of people think of it as primary confirmation that is being talked about and it is. But  I have seen a lot of horses that were not necessarily built to be very athletic but when they were taught how to carry themselves in a posture that was more conducive 

to whatever you wanted them to do, they could perform above their conformational faults. 

One element that I have not talked about yet is the "mind" of the horse. A horse that has a good attitude and is willing to try can accomplish much more than a horse with a poor attitude. So therefore; the mind must be in proper "form" so that it can "function" in a beneficial way. 

I think of this concept when I am shoeing. If a horse has a toe that is in excess, that's a "form" that won't allow a horse to "function" very well for very long. So therefore, balance in the mind, balance in the feet, balance in the body, and balance in the posture provides for the best opportunity to have the best results you can get from a horse. 

Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel - Master Horseman

Cappel Training and Shoeing


Horse-man-ship Mentality Dennis Cappel
Horse-man-ship Mentality

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Makes sense. Great explanation.

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Greatly appreciative of your comment.


Feb 19
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Good article

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Glad you enjoyed it. D/C

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