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Horse-man-ship Mentality - Is your horse broke?

Updated: Jun 29

Horse-man-ship Mentality - Is your horse broke?

Wisdom from the saddle with Dennis Cappel;

How do you know your horse is broke? Have you ever gone to a horse trainer to get some helpful advice on how to improve your riding and your horsemanship? 

You take a horse there with you that you have been riding for a few years and the trainer says to you that your horse is green, what in the world are they talking about? You have spent countless hours in the saddle, going on trail rides, riding your horse in the arena, doing the best you knew how to do to get your horse to go where you want them to at the speed you desire. How can that still be a green horse? 

If this happens to you, do not be upset at the trainer for telling you this.  The fact is that at this moment your level of understanding of communication with this horse has limited you in the process of really getting your horse considered broke! 

We the riders are usually the ones in need of more understanding. More than likely what the horse trainer is telling you is that your horse is green, is that you have not yet achieved the ability to have complete and willing control of the body parts of your horse. 

You have enough left and right control, forward movement to guide this horse around but it can be so much easier for you and the horse when you're able to move all these body parts separate from one another-  head, neck, shoulders, center of the horse, the rig cage left, right or up and the hind quarters.

When you can achieve this with the very slightest signal and your horse has a willing attitude then you will have successfully set the stage for the horse to be able to carry themselves in a posture that makes everything they do easier for them and you. 

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Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel - Master Horseman

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I have been lucky enough to have Dennis help me with my mental picture and have found that it is not my horse with the problem but me communicating with the horse. Thanks

Dennis Cappel
Dennis Cappel
6 days ago
Respondendo a

It is always an ongoing learning experience to become better at communicating with a horse in such a way that your Clear Mental Picture becomes their Clear Mental Picture. D/C

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