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Horse-man-ship Mentality - Is my signal clear?

Horse-man-ship Mentality - Is my signal clear? 

The signal to the guide!

With trainer- teacher- farrier, Dennis Cappel

What is yours?

Do you use it every time you want to direct where your horse is going?

Do you give a signal?

Why do these questions matter?

I believe that how you answer these questions will determine where your horsemanship communication skills are at this moment.

If you are on a continuous pursuit of excellence in your riding then how you answer these questions will review where you need to improve. When you become aware that your body function to your horse is to signal the horse’s body in such a way that the horse makes the decision to do what your mind wants him to do, then you will realize that every move you make up there on their back is important!

You will become more aware of making conscious decisions to command your body to do what it needs to do so that the horse understands what you want.

You’re now ready to refine your signals so that you can do less to get your idea to the horse’s mind so that he can give it to you smoother and in a more responsive way!

This is where the fun begins to be more and more rewarding in your horsemanship

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Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel - Master Horseman

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