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Horse-man-ship Mentality – Horsemanship Missing Link Answers Part 1

Updated: Jun 29

Horse-man-ship Mentality – Horsemanship Missing Link Answers Part 1 of 3

Welcome to Cowboy Cappel Wisdom,

On May 13th I presented questions that I believe are important to you knowing where your understanding of your horse is.

Here are my answers to the first three.

Q. Can you tell when your horse leaves you when walking on a trail?

A. * Change speeds that you have not asked for.

* Especially of these was a break in gait faster or slower.

* Change of direction you did not ask for.

* Resisting going forward pushing back against your leg request.

* Head being high – Back hollowed out (providing you can feel a hollowed-out back)

* Going into a trance looking at the ground too close.

All of these are possibilities that your horse has left you. That means they are now in control, and you are just a passenger, not in control.

Q. Can you feel where your horse’s attention is?

A. * Through their eyes, ears, and posture.

* They will cock an ear to what they are focused on. They will look where they are going.

* In a turn around the outside ear will be cocked back and the inside ear will lay towards the direction of travel.

* If they're looking left in a focused way their rib cage will be pushed out through the right.

Q. Do you know if your horse’s thoughts are internal or external?

A.* Internal – their actions will be quiet; their responses will be smooth to your aid.

* External- They are usually resistant, and distracted; something other than you are directing their thoughts.

Check out the blog posted on May 13th for the list of questions that are worth asking yourself if you want your horsemanship to improve.

Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel - Master Horseman

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