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Horse-man-ship mentality - Feel Your Ride

Horse-man-ship mentality - Feel Your Ride

What does it mean to "Feel Your Ride?"

This is a question with many facets. To me it is a 2 way street of communication between you and your horse. It is you offering a feel to the horse from your role of leadership of them. It is also feeling their responses back to you.

Most of that feel is going to come from tension in the muscles or lack of it depending on the understanding that the horse has for what you have asked and the type of task that you were asking for.

If you ask for a burst of speed or big turn the feeling is not going to be soft at that moment. However; most of the communication that you have with your horse when there is understanding present, should be a soft response back to you.

Mindful Riding

Dennis Cappel

Master Horseman

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