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Horse-man-ship Mentality – Does your horse feel your emotions?

Updated: Jun 29

Horse-man-ship Mentality – Does your horse feel your emotions?

Cowboy Wisdom from Dennis,


What is on the inside of a man shows up on the outside of his horse…Dennis Cappel

Horses are just a reflection of what is going on inside of you. I have the opportunity a lot of times to direct people as they are working their horses. I will place my hands on their shoulders to guide them to where they need to be to communicate clearly with their horse. I am shocked sometimes as to what I feel coming through their body when I do this.

It is easy to feel tension, and uncertainty and to feel an indecisive mind.

Horses are much more sensitive to that type of feeling than we are so if I can feel it, can you only imagine what the horse feels in their presence?

It comes down to leadership.

In the absence of a strong leader a horse will rise and become one.

Good leaders know what they want, and where they are going, and they make decisions quickly.

They do not vacillate after deciding.

Horses instantly find comfort in the presence of good and fair leadership.

Ask yourself what is my horse feeling from my presence? Is it favorable or time to make a shift?

Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel - Master Horseman

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Jun 11
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So true!!


Jun 10
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So true! Thanks Dennis

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