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Horse-Man-Ship Mentality - Confidence Wins Within

Horse-Man-Ship Mentality - Confidence Wins Within

Thoughts from Dennis:

Inner game of confidence comes from "Thought" momentum. 

First, realize that it is your "thoughts" that fuel your feelings into being and

that is followed up with action to display what your thoughts and feelings have combined to create.

Once you understand that law of nature, you are responsible for how you feel, and yes just through "Thought" alone. This does not mean that something doesn't happen that brings on sadness or fear, it simply is the formula that you need to be consciously aware of for positive outcomes.

When it comes to riding with confidence you have a choice: 

Since thoughts and feelings create actions,  then what you choose to speak of repeatedly will bring similar experiences back to you. 

The question you must ask yourself is - What do I want my horsemanship to look and feel like every time? This is the story worth telling repeatedly leaving no gaps for the past to slip in, 

unless of course, you want it to happen again.

Another valuable tool worth knowing is that the words we speak and the thoughts we think create pictures in our powerful minds. That picture is a signal to our subconscious that we must want it, so please find it and bring more of it. We often talk to be just talking and will say things like - I don't want to get bucked off.   So let's recap this - the word "don't" doesn't have a picture associated with, it so cross it out and what do you have left - that's right - get bucked off! Think about it, how many times have we said in life, I don't want...or No, don't do that again? A Lot to think about there! 

Interested in learning how to get your mind to work for you?!

Cappel's newest Confidence Amplifier online course will expand on the theory that we have laid out with ideas for you to implement to achieve the, Know that you Know, "Confidence." When knowledge and understanding click, it is a natural booster to positive results that will start showing up on a regular basis. 

We believe wholeheartedly that over the 3 decades of teaching people how to understand, communicate, enjoy, and be safe with their horses, we have narrowed the success to 4 elements that we will be teaching in the Confidence Amplifier course in January 2024, starting off with the topic, Confidence Wins Within, guaranteed to unleash your potential for greater horsemanship! 

As you choose to invest in yourself and your horse by signing up for this online course, our gift to you is $25 OFF when you apply the code GIFT25 at checkout.  This code is good till January 9th, 2024.

Be a friend and share it with a friend so you all can experience the fun and love of horses together.


Our promise to you - when your mindset is better your horsemanship will improve!

Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel - Master Horseman

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