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Horse-man-ship Mentality - STA

Horse-man-ship Mentality - STA

Message from Dennis:

I think we all have the answers inside of us, but we often do not trust ourselves.

The Learning process goes like this for everyone;

1. Find a person that you like and that you want to pattern yourself after, not become but the results.

2. Then you study the ways of that person to know how they "Think."

3. Now you can ask yourself the question?

- What would so and so do in this situation?

The answer that comes to you will work because you have the confidence in knowing the character of that person that you are mimicking their thoughts!

When the answer comes from this perspective, you won't be as apt to doubt it as you would coming directly from you.

I still hear the voices of Bill Riddle, Dale Wilkinson, John Talbot, Ray Hunt.

When you get in the habit of thinking like that, when ideas come to you, you will have more confidence in them.

Truly boils down to my quote:

The horse is reading your confidence or your incompetence... D/C

Practice - STA- Stop-Think-Answer

Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel

Master Horseman

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