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Horse-Man-Ship Mentality - Horse Chess

Horse-Man-Ship Mentality -  Horse Chess

Thoughts from Dennis:

What is a position of advantage? It is a spot where your actions towards the horse will instantaneously cause a response from the horse. 

You can be too close and not realize that you are telling the horse to move away from you or into you or you can be too far away and wonder why the horse isn't responding at all. 

But when you find the sweet spot of the position of advantage and you can develop the skill of reading the horse and you are able to move with the flow as your horse responds to you with ease, it truly does become a dance between you and your horse, by where you are making all the decisions where you're going, how fast or slow you are getting there. The positive results will be that your horse will gain security and confidence from your presence with them in the position that gives you the advantage of movement from your horse or lack of it. 

Are you ready to be in that position?🙂 

Cappel's newest Confidence Amplifier online course will expand on the theory that we have laid out with ideas for you to implement to achieve the, Know that you Know, "Confidence." When knowledge and understanding click, it is a natural booster to positive results that will start showing up on a regular basis. 

We believe wholeheartedly that over the 3 decades of teaching people how to understand, communicate, enjoy, and be safe with their horses, we have narrowed the success to 4 elements that we will be teaching in the Confidence Amplifier course in January 2024, with Position of Advantage,  topic number three,  guaranteed to thrill you with eagerness to be with your horse more!

As you choose to invest in yourself and your horse by signing up for this online course, our gift to you is $25 OFF when you apply the code GIFT25 at checkout.  This code is good till January 9th, 2024. Be a friend and share it with a friend so you all can experience the fun and love of horses together🥰

Our promise to you - your horse will absolutely adore you now that they feel understood by you!

Mindful Riding,

Dennis Cappel - Master Horseman

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